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We know how to produce the right content for the right campaign and do it in a way that fits for you and your brand.  

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Video Pre-Production and Planning

Here's where we will work with you and get clarity on exactly what you want. You may have a slight idea or have seen some other work or have no idea at all, we want to help you see the vision and the path you need to take to create the video that is the most effective.

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Video Production, filming + creative direction

Now that we have everything prepared and set will start the filming process and direction. We strive to capture the best quality and performance based off our storyboards and script. We use professional equipment that meets the industry standard in commercial video quality to ensure the final product looks great! 

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Distribution solutions

Normally we produce your video / videos and provide you with the high resolution files and allow the brand to do their own distribution, but we are also available to help you in the distribution process in forming a plan for the best ways to get your video to the eyes of your customers.


Storyboarding, scripting and shot list

Now that we have our general idea, we put together a storyboard/ script and break down the scenes, location, dates, props, talent, permits, and a shot list for each scene. We will want to nail this part as best as possible, so when it comes to filming we will be prepared and as efficient as possible. We will work with you closely to make sure all these things are easy to digest and as easy as possible to execute.

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Editing and post production

Now that we have our footage / content , we will begin the editing process. This sometimes can take the longest and may require up to a couple weeks based on demand and complexity of the edit. That said, we strive to be as timely as possible in meeting deadlines and getting you your product ASAP.  We will work hard to accommodate and fulfill your expectations but also will advise you on what works and looks best. We allow up to 3 revisions based on feedback and direction from your team.

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     There is a new champion in town. The most popular short-form video platform in the world right now is TikTok. Tiktok Advertising is our area of expertise. When it comes to staying relevant on social media, content reigns supreme. We have helped some of the biggest brands in the world, like PayPal, T-Mobile, and EOS, launch their content on TikTok. Our ads have generated millions of views and increased sales across the board. 

     Every company has a backstory. This is the place to share your story with the most people, regardless of how big or small your business is.Without a doubt, short-form video is the biggest trend in marketing right now and whether it is for TikTok YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels we have the knowledge and experience to support you to be successful.


Reaserch +Strategy

We find out who your audience is and what kind of content they consume. Allowing us to cultivate the right videos. There are many different ways to create content, trends to consider and talent to use. We help you find the right format. 

This is where we create an outline, choose and plan the messaging and visualls and how much content for an amazing campaign.



Talent is chosen in relation to your brand so that personality relates and connects. We use skilled and attractive talent to boost views. 

We shoot video on site or remotely through various techniques that make it simple and effective for you. We then edit and finalize your videos for optimized views and engagement on the tiktok platform 



After all the content is prepared and ready , we set up a content calendar and strategize when and how we launch each video. We also have copy writing for the best titles, descriptions and tags. We also place a high amount of attention on the comments and how to optimize community and growth for the future on the platform.



We test and analyze what content performs best and double down for better performance. We can create variations based on the same key messaging and build up from there. When organic content has proven viral, we scale  through paid ads. 

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Animation is at the cutting edge of modern marketing. The ultimate story-telling tool. It opens the doors to opportunities that would never be possible through traditional live-action. The only limit is your imagination. Animation removes traditional barriers to entry such as language, rules of reality, and post-production updates. It is a cost-effective approach that easily conveys any message and allows for quicker and wider reach. At Tukan Creative we produce a variety of animation styles including Stop Motion, Motion Graphics, Kinetic Text, 3D, and various 2D Animation Styles. 

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1. Concept and Planning 

Well go over your idea and concept to fine tune it. We can also work with you to come up with a good story or idea to really get your message across in the best way possible. This is a planning phase before we go into storyboarding.


3. Storyboarding & Scripting

We can now figure out the key scenes and main frames in the animation or motion graphics composition. Well get an outline done to visualize the concept coming to life. This helps see the project and get a script done if required.

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2. Art Direction & Style

Here is where we'll decide which way we want to produce it. There are many styles that can be done but depending on your budget and timeline we will want to get clear on this decision. We will also pull inspiration from references from a preferred style or come up with something unique.

4. Animation Process


Here is where we'll start creating the animation based on your chosen style. We use professional software to bring your ideas to life. The time it takes to produce an animation / motion graphics depends on various factors. 

4. Audio & Finalize

Here is where we'll start creating the animation based on your chosen style. We use professional software to bring your ideas to life. The time it takes to produce an animation / motion graphics depends on various factors. 


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