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A Docuseries Of The Century 

Summary of Project

This trip is a return to the Philippines for a continuation of the original journey on a skateboard. Last time the journey went from Claveria to Manila , this time it will continue that rout but to the central from Manila to Mindanao ( Surigao City in the south). This journey will be over 600 miles and would likely take 15-17 days to complete. A docuseries will be made from this adventure covering experiences and stories along the way each day broken up into 11-13 separate episodes each lasting around 10 minutes.  The theme plan of action s to capture elements about the the Filipino culture along the way and highlight specifics in each episode making it a little more interesting than the original Rolling Moments.

Watch The Original Film Here


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The point of doing a skate trip and documenting it is simply to show the world what it's like. A lot of people can not travel the world and cant get out there due to work and other situations but through thee videos they can really experience the adventure in a creative and entertaining way. Also I want to inspire others to learn how these kind of adventures are done. I want to educate them on whats possible and hopefully inspire them to go do something of their own. I also want to share some amazing and interesting facts about ways of life and culture in the Philippines.

These moments that I will capture will be highly shareable and easily relatable no matter what culture or country you are from. Gaining momentum I hope to build a following along the way and direct people to share in the documentary things that make their culture and life unique. 



Do at least 5 acts of service each day to the local people along the rout. Be creative and show you care.


Connect with and collaborate with at least 5 local videographers / and businesses during the trip. For future endeavours.


Each day find and capture at least one meaningful story that would impact the lives of others when viewed.

rm 2 strip .jpg

Whats in my bag?

During the first trip Rolling Moments I learned a lot about how to improve the logistics and functionality  for the next one. I realized every ounce matters when it comes to skateboarding with everything you will need during the trip. You want to be as light as possible and this even means loosing body weight to maximize mobility and risk of injury. Here is a breakdown of the equipment that will be brought on the trip. 


besnfoto backpack.png
Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 8.10.22 PM copy.png
409-DJI-Mini-Pro3-folded copy.png

DJI mini 3pro
8.7 ounces

crane m3s.png

Camera Bag
9.1 ounces

Crane m3s
24.8 ounces

Besnfoto Pack
68 ounces

carbon fiber pole.png

 Gimbal Pole 
5 ounces


micro sd card v90.png

Micro SD card
0.16 ounces

sony-zv-e1-mirrorless-digital-camera__57131 copy.png

Sony zv-E1
14.1 ounces

sd card.png
sd card v90.png

sd cards
0.5 ounces

battery charger.png

Battery Charger
3 ounces

s-l1200 copy.png

DJI Controler
8 ounces


Sandisk SSD Drive
1.7 ounces

sony  z battery.png

Battery x 4
2.9 ounces

85mm sony lens.png

Sony 85 mm 1.8
10.4 ounces

17-28 tamron lens.png

Tamron 17-18mm 2.8
15.2 ounces

wall chrger.png

USB-C Charger
4.6 ounces

rode mic.png

Rode Wireless Mic
5 ounces


14.1 ounces






Wtrful shorts.png

Wtrful Boardshorts
13 ounces


Wind Breaker
6 ounces

Total Weight 
215 ounces 
(13.5 Pounds)


This is going to be a trip about the bare minimum when it comes to expenses and expected and unexpected costs. 
I won't really be able to buy much except for food and drink because I will not have the ability to carry anything with me. Food will be very modest and inexpensive, staying at guest homes along the way are also very cheap around $10 dollars a night. 

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